The Myanmar Pipelines After the Coup Shifting Power Dynamics and Dispatches from the Ground

The pipeline reflects the pressures that can be put upon a country ravaged by colonialism that is also surrounded by greater economic and political powers. The report reflects on the difficult foreign affairs situations Myanmar finds itself in when interacting with other nations.

Voices of Women Displaced by the War in Myanmar

In this report, we seek to provide displaced women in Myanmar with the opportunity to openly express their fears and needs amidst such mass displacement and rampant insecurities.

China’s Southern Great Wall in Northern Myanmar Ignites Local Anguish

This feature looks at China’s use of the Covid-19 pandemic and the post-coup lawlessness to build a permanent fence along its border with Myanmar and the subsequent disruption of cross-border trade and local economies.

Economic Collapse, Survival and Resistance in Post-Coup Myanmar

This report is about the coup and economic collapse as it is playing out on the ground – as it is being experienced by ordinary people in post-coup Myanmar. It is a report about lived suffering. It is also a report about survival and resistance. 

The Internet As A Battlefield in Post-Coup Myanmar

As the title suggests, we thought it would be important to start where all forms of resistance, and all freedom, start, in 2022: on the internet.

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