Researchers' Republic

Welcome to the Researchers’ Republic!

As you can see from the About Us section of this website, we are a team of about a dozen researchers from across Myanmar.

We will now start publishing a variety of articles and reports, that you’ll be able to find on our Publications page.

Our first ever publication, “Internet as a Battlefield in Post-Coup Myanmar”, is available here. Our second publication “Economic Collapse, Survival and Resistance in Post-Coup Myanmar”, is available here.

Today, we publish a new article, “China’s Southern Great Wall in Northern Myanmar Ignites Local Anguish”, that you can find here.

We hope you’ll find it interesting, and that you’ll come back to visit us soon again.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to Contact Us, and subscribe to our Mailing List.

The director, May Zin Thaw
4 April 2022

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